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Retail Reset - It's the perfect time to increase your bottom line!

Retail Reset - It's the perfect time to increase your bottom line!

There’s no denying we’re in difficult times, and the impact Covid-19 has had on the beauty industry has been devastating for many business owners, small and large. But as we return to our salons and spas, there is a silver lining!  Many of you have taken advanced training online during quarantine and are adding new services with renewed passion!  You may have had time to reflect on your previous schedule and are now able to reset, create a new work/life balance and set new goals for your business! 

 And now is the perfect time to build the retail component of your business. For every product you sell, your return can be 25-50% above your cost. Adding retail to your business not only adds to your bottom line, but as a business owner, offering self-care products to your clients increases your worth in their eyes. A client who values your knowledge and expertise will be more inclined to purchase products from you, and more inclined to refer new clients to you.

But ugh. Sales. No thanks. We hear you, and we know that for many people the thought of selling conjures up images of pushy salesclerks trying to reach commission, but that’s a stereotype you don’t have to buy into.

Throw away the word “sales” and replace it with educating. That’s it. That’s all you’re doing – you’re educating your clients on the products you use.

So how do you go about educating your clients and feel comfortable doing it? Check out the simple tips we’ve put together for you.


Simple, right? Are you using cuticle oil on your client? Of course you are, and so should they. Every day. As you’re applying the oil explain to your client what the product does and why it’s important for maintaining optimal cuticle health. Hand your client a retail sized bottle of the oil and let them know that this is the product you’re using right now. You can attach a price label if you’re not comfortable telling them (they would probably ask anyway).

File it. Show them an individually wrapped file they can use at home to shorten nails between appointments or smooth a rough underside/chip (rather than picking!). Demonstrate the proper procedure and explain how important it is to address issues right away to protect their nails.

Keep it shiny. Sun, water and daily use can dull the shine on nails. As you’re applying that final topcoat that creates the gorgeous shine we all love, explain to your client they can keep that look by using a finishing cleanser. A quick demo is all you need as proof - dull one of your own nails, apply the finish and let them see just how effective it is.

Don’t forget the toes. Offer your client a mini polish to complement their nail colour. A natural nail polish is something they can do at home.

Pedicurists. You know how happy your clients are when they’ve had a treatment. They leave the appointment with their feet feeling wonderful. Keep that feeling going with retail sized products that you’ve used during their treatment. Again, educate your client by explaining the reasons behind the products you’re using and the benefits of continued use between appointments.

Waxing Technicians. Offer a post-wax balm or soothing lotion to reduce inflammation and help prevent in-grown hairs.

Lash Technicians. You spent a lot of time (and your client's time) applying extensions, ensure that their lashes will look fresh and clean every day with a gentle cleanser. For fuller, healthier looking lashes and brows, a revitalizing serum is an excellent suggestion for clients who like to take a more active role in their beauty regime.


List it. Make a list of all the retail products you carry. Title it “Self Care” or “Between Appointments” or use your imagination and come up with something more creative.

Add a brief description of the purpose of each product and include the size and price. Add a check box beside each item. When you’ve completed the appointment, check off the box of each item you’ve used or recommend for your client’s home care. You can even have this filled out before the client arrives. Put their name and date on it and place it on your desk where they can read it. It’s a simple but effective way of starting a conversation about your products.

Display it. If you’re still really, really uncomfortable with recommending products, put together a small display of the items you have for sale. Create a price list (we recommend laminating it) with a brief description of what each product does and place it on your desk so that your client can easily read it. Curiosity is a natural human trait, and we usually can’t ignore something right in front of us.

Keep it fresh. Rotate your retail items seasonally or by holiday. Your clients will notice the change, and you’ve created another conversation starter.

By following these tips, you’ll be surprised at how easily and quickly you’ll be able to build a healthy retail business.

Check out the collection of products we’ve put together to help you get started, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at customercare(at) We’re happy to help!