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Valentine's Bear & Candy by @splash.of.sass.nails


It might be cold outside, but love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to get ready for it than to show off your new nails with some Valentine’s Art. Working with 4D gel is fun, it makes you feel like a kid again playing with your play-doh. Join me as I show you an easy to do Valentine’s Bear set, using custom color mixed Fuzion FX 4D Gel.

Let’s get creating!


Supplies Needed

-Fuzion Flirty

-Fuzion Love Bug

-Fuzion FX 4D Gel Black & White

-Fuzion Paintz Black 101, White 101, Brown 101, Pink 103, Purple 105, Blue 111

-Fuzion SL Clear, Extreme Shine

-Small Detail Liner Brush

-Dotting Tool

-Silicone Tool

-Small Acrylic Brush



Step 1

-Prep Nail/Tips

-Apply Fuzion’s Flirty to 3 Nails and Cure.

-Apply Fuzion’s Love Bug to other Nails and a touch to the Pinky Nail and Cure.


Step 2

-Apply Fuzion’s SL Clear to each Nail & Cure.

-Finish File & Buff each Nail.

-Or put Flirty on top of a finish filed nail.

Step 3

-Apply Your Favorite Top Coat, I used Fuzion Extreme Shine.

-Cure and Wipe off the sticky layer.

Step 4

Let’s Make Colored 4D Gels

-Take a pea size amount of Fuzion Fx 4D gel and mix in a tiny bit of Fuzion Paintz.

-Start with a very small amount of Paintz at first, the more Paintz you add to the 4D gel the stickier it will get and be hard to work with.

-Mix, mix, mix until all the color is even.

-Make sure you wear gloves so you don’t get uncured gel on your hands.

-Keep the 4D gel covered when not using as it cures very easily.

Colors I Mixed

-Pink- White 4D gel & Paintz Pink 103.

-Tan- White 4D gel, tiny bit of Black 4D gel, & Paintz Brown 101

-Blue- White 4D Gel & Paintz Blue 111

-Purple- White 4D Gel & Paintz Purple 105

Step 5

Let Build a Valentines Bear

-Take a piece of the pink and flatten it into a pancake

-Press it on to your nail

-Now using a silicone tool and a small acrylic brush, push the pink 4D gel into a heart shape.

-Dip your brush onto water, wiping off the excess, as needed so it doesn’t stick to the 4D gel.

-Flash cure when you are happy with your heart


Step 6

-Now for the Bear.

-Take the Tan 4D gel, make a larger pancake shape and place it above the heart.

-Using your brush & silicone tool form it around the heart.

-Now two little pancakes for the ears and two for the feet.

-Don’t forget the arms using two little oval pancakes

-Before you cure you can add little details to the 4D gel with your dotting tool.

- Full Cure

Step 7

-Let’s add some details

-Black Dots for the eyes and little mouth. Then added a small white dot to each eye. I used

Fuzion Paintz Black 101 & White 101

-Add little dark brown hearts to his ears and feet. Also little fur lines on his head and a tiny

nose. I used Fuzion Paintz Brown 101 for these.

-Add an extra pink Heart in the middle using Fuzion Paintz Pink 103 and cure.

Step 8

-For the next nail lets make some little candy hearts.

-Take a small piece of 4D Gel in different colors

-Make each into a pancake shape and place on the nail.

-Now using your silicone tool, brush and water shape them into little hearts and cure.

-Add your favourite Valentines words to each heart using Fuzion Paintz Black 101 and a small

detail liner brush.

-Add a few dots for some extra details using a dotting tool and Fuzion Paintz Pink 103

You are done your Valentines Bear set! 🐻

Working with 4D Gel can be so fun! Let your creativity flow!

Try your design with 4D gel, and be sure to tag us @nailtechniquesbeautysupply and


Happy Valentine’s Everyone

Heather Schmick (Splash of Sass Nails)

Nail Techniques Ambassador