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CJSLC-35 Dino Friends | Clear Jelly Stamping Plate

$17.95 CAD

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Clear Jelly Stamping Plate #CJS LC-35 (Large Plate) - Dino

Our fun new collaborative plate with Therese @beautometry! We are so in love with this Dinosaur plate! Lots of fun images to layer and create a WILD mani!

Here's a little note from our collaborator, Therese:

"I've always enjoyed putting nail art on my nails. Back around 2010, I was introduced to nail stamping and shortly learned about all the various brands of nail art products that aren't available in the US. I really wanted to try some of the brands like AEngland, but it was harder to get them. I found other people who were also wanting to buy those brands and started to bring all the greatest brands to the US from all over the world. I've continued my own nail art and over the years love all the new products that have come out like these layering plates by Clear Jelly Stamper. The nail art game has really advanced since I first learned about stamping and nail art has really come a long way!"