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#FuzionBeachLife Summer Chameleonz 2021

Fuzion Chameleonz Summer 2021 are the perfect blend of Hot and Cold. This beach inspired collection is vibrant and bright, no matter the temperature. Ideal for an easy Ombre style or for that client who just can't choose one colour.


Flip Flops - (Cold) A perfect summer purple tone with a fine multi glitter

(Hot) A bright fuchsia pink lipstick tone.

Sun-Drenched - (Cold) A bright tangerine tone with a fine multi glitter

(Hot) A lighter sunrise orange.

Happy Place - (Cold) A flat creamy coral tone

(Hot) A flat soft blush pink.

Tiki Bar - (Cold) A flat turquoise tone

(Hot) A flat bright lime green.

High Tide - (Cold) A turquoise glitter with micro-fine green glitter

(Hot) An ultra light blue with micro-fine green glitter.

Lush - (Cold) A cherry red with fine multi glitter

(Hot) A Barbie pink with fine multi glitter.