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Level 1 - Sculpting | NT Edmonton

$995.95 CAD

April 30th / May 1st 2022
June 2nd/3rd 2022
July 7/8 2022
Sept 22/23 2022
Nov 17/18 2022

Level 1 - Sculpting

2 Full Consecutive Days (6-hour classes) 9-3

Location: #101 - 17811 106 Ave., NW, Edmonton

This course is designed to certify you as a Beginner Nail Technician! You will complete online theory from the comfort of your home and then attend in person classes at NT Edmonton or Kelowna. You will learn salon shapes, including tapered square, squoval, & oval. This basic course is designed as a budget conscious option whether you are wanting a new career or a hobbyist. This course covers the very basics to get you certified. Over the next 2 days you will learn how to:

  • Complete proper nail preparation
  • Apply forms with basic customization
  • Gel application with proper apex placement
  • Hand filing
  • On top colour application


Day 1 Lesson Plan

  • Basic Theory Review
  • Proper prep of the natural nails
  • Fitting and basic customization of forms
  • Gel application and proper apex placement
  • Hand filing. Getting into a proper routine (holding the hand file, pressures, and movements, supporting the client's finger)
  • On top colour
  • Square/Squoval/Oval Shapes


Day 2 Lesson Plan

  • Review of Day 1
  • Review of fitting and basic customization of forms
  • Review gel application and proper apex placement
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Rebalance
  • Removal


After you have completed your practical training, you will need to send your educator a minimum of two assessments. These assessments must be on a real person. Each assessment includes a detailed written step by step of how you created the nails along with corresponding pictures of each step. You will have 1 month to complete these from the date of your last class. Feedback is given on all assessments to ensure you start your career with amazing skills and your educator is always on hand to help! 

What is required?

  • 1 x full set of Square Full Colour Nails using forms.
  • 1 x Rebalance set.

 What’s in my kit?

  • A corded UV/LED lamp
  • 8g base gel
  • 30g SL Clear
  • 8g Five Under Cover
  • 8g Extreme Shine
  • 15g Fuzion Colourz
  • 1 Koko & Claire Gel Polish
  • Gripzion
  • Pump Bottle
  • 1 Litre Cleanzer
  • 250ml Dehydrate
  • 1 Gel Brush
  • Roll of Forms
  • Small Scissors
  • 10 Pack Files
  • Mini Orange Buffers
  • Nippers
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • Scrub brush
  • 1 Sleeve of Wipes
  • PreEmpt RTU

**Kits items will need to be replenished as students practice and use products**

**Upon registration, online theory will be sent to you on the following business day.  This comprehensive theoretical portion must be completed prior to any in-person instruction. This covers essential information regarding health and safety, client care, and product knowledge. **

Questions? E-mail us at or call us at 250-860-0708

    Nail Techniques offers further beginner modules that can be taken after completion of this basic course at additional costs such as: