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Micrylium BioMERS | 5L RTU*

Micrylium BioMERS 5L RTU - This is a special order item. Please contact the front desk to order: or call 1-866-762-0707.

*Shipping charges apply to all Micrylium Products due to weight.

BioMERS is an immersion bath ideal for most instruments and tools. While other immersion baths can take 40 to 90 minutes to reach a tuburculicidal level, BioMERScan acheive this benchmark in just one minute. BioMERS contains no glutaraldehyde or acids and is safe for professionals and patients.

  • Protects professionals and devices during aseptic processes
  • pH neutral formula will not corrode metals
  • Designed to remove proteins, inks, dyes, lipids, waxes and oils