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CJSLC-77 Kaye's Fashion Flavor | Clear Jelly Stamping Plate


Steel Stamping Plate (CJS LC-77) - Large Plate - Kaye's Fashion Flavor

Kaye's Fashion Flavor by Clear Jelly Stamper

This gorgeous, delicate plate is full of beautiful, layered, fashion-inspired nail art images. Kaye has an eye for pretty things!

Collaborator: Kaye Monette 

I started nail art way back in 2011 and usually try to recreate designs from nail artists on YouTube and Instagram.

In 2013, I decided to create a nail art account to share my work since most of my friends and colleagues commend on my nails. That's when I discovered stamping nail art and instantly fell in love with it and got addicted to it! It has been my favorite technique ever since.