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Sketched Art by @barbrafeszyn (CjSLC-78)

Sketched art by @barbrafeszyn from Clear Jelly Stamper

Calling all BoHo lovers! This hand-drawn collection was curated just for you!

With respect to Indigenous Heritage, we celebrate these beautiful designs. 

Collaborator: Barbara Goral

My name is Barbara Góral and since 2004 I have been running the blog My friends from school encouraged me to publish my first nail art works. Thanks to them I started to post my nail designs on regular basis and it became my job.

I like to create decorations using various methods and I'm always very happy when someone is inspired by my designs. It's such a wonderful feeling to see someone appreciating my work and enjoying it.

I have known nail stamps for quite a long time ago and what I like about them is the enormity of possibilities that they offer combined with the ease of its application. Thanks to stamping, everybody can make perfect nails.

@barbrafeszyn on Instagram