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Showroom and Classroom are located in Edmonton Alberta. 101-10536 178 Street. Online ordering available 24/7
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In The Garden ~ Embellishments | Nail Art

$7.95 CAD $7.95 CAD

Pansies 003
Petunias 004
Palm Beach Garden 006
Victorian Garden 008
Butterfly Bonanza 011
Holographic Garden 012
Flower Gems 026

The garden is bursting with life! Flowers, butterflies, and a few surprises abound (mermaids, flamingos, and sea horses anyone?). 

Lots to choose from:

  • 003 Pansies (well, sort of pansies, kind of)
  • 004 Petunias (again, sort of)
  • 006 Palm Beach Garden (what we imagine would be in a garden in Palm Beach)
  • 008 Victorian Garden (Queen Victoria would have these in her garden, maybe)
  • 011 Butterfly Bonanza (what can we say? We love butterflies!)
  • 012 Holographic Garden (very cool, need we say more?)
  • 026 Crystal Flowers (flowers with crystals, because, why not?)