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Fortify System ~ Introductory Kit | Fortify by Fuzion

What is Fortify?

Fortify is a new system by Fuzion that includes a new revolutionary flexible base and builder gel in one.

The new system starts with our 3 main products, "Bond", "Construct" and "Gloss". 

The Fortify System's primary focus is to prevent lifting and separation for your hard gel nail application.

This revolutionary formula also is amazing for natural nail overlays and gel polish manicures. Fortify is designed for virtually every client's needs!

Fortify's intense strength makes it extremely versatile. Whether your client wants a natural nail overlay, or designer stillettos, Fortify will ensure a successful service outcome every time!

Introductory Kit Includes:

Bond - Apply 1-2 coats to your prepped natural nail. No cure required.

Construct - a revolutionary new formula of gel that can be used as a base coat under hard gel to virtually eliminate separation and lifting. Construct is also designed to create a simple one step gel overlay 60s LED/120s UV

Gloss - This tack-free super shiny topcoat is perfect for both hard gel applications and overlays with Construct. Designed to be super flexible to prevent cracking. 60s LED/120s UV