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Textured Lavender Floral by Taryn VanAlfen @taryns.nails

Flowers? Yes please! Find your floral inspiration with this dainty, textured design by Taryn VanAlfen. 

Lavender Floral by Taryn VanAlfen

Lavender Floral by Taryn VanAlfen step-by-step

1. Paint stems and tiny leaves on a white nail with black gel paint.

2. Use Stroke of Genius color gel to paint some leaves on the tips of the black stems.

3. With Pencils and Paintbrushes color gel, paint the same leaf shape slightly larger than the last and before curing, take the very tip of your gel brush with a light touch, soften/blur out the outside of those purple leaves.

4. Paint a few little details on your green leaves with Primary Back Gel Paint to give them some character. Then top the nail with Flat Matte.

5. Using Take It Easel color gel, and a Bling Stylus, paint a bunch of tiny dots on top of your purple designs. Sprinkle clear acrylic powder on top before curing to give a matte textured look. Add a few little bunches of white dots and you're all done.

Bonus Tip: To create the speckled egg look on the other nails. Mix your colors with a tiny bit of Smokin' Hot Pepper also from LE. I added a tiny bit of some slightly bigger loose black glitters for more dimension.