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Watercolor Garden by Ashley Biasella @badash_nails

A garden at your fingertips. Follow along with Ashley Biasella @badash_nails as she guides you step-by-step in creating this gorgeous floral design.

Watercolr Garden by @badash_nails   

 Watercolor Garden tutorial by @badash_nails

1. Start with 2 coats of Bare Canvas color gel, cure
2. Apply a layer of Crystal Clear JimmyGel, and do not cure
3. Using a Bling Stylus #2 place small dots in clusters using I'll Pose For Leo color gel. Then take a Stripy Brush and run your brush lightly through the color to create flower petals, do not cure, you want the Jimmy Gel to help the color bloom.
4. Using Stripy Brush, apply Stroke Of Genius color gel in thin lines to create the stems, cure
5. Apply another layer of Crystal Clear JimmyGel and do not cure
6. Repeat step #3 using Take it Easel color gel, placing the dots just below the first ones, cure
7. Apply one last thin layer of Crystal Clear JimmyGel then using Stroke of Genius color gel and a Bling Stylus #2, apply dots at the base of the flower petals and everywhere you would like to add leaves, but do not cure
8. Using a Stripy Brush, run the brush lightly through the dots to create the base of the flower and leaves, connecting the bottom of the leaves to the stem and cure
9. Using Primary White Gel Paint and your Stripy Brush, add highlights to the stems and flowers, cure
10. Finish with Super Shiny Top Coat, cure and cleanse