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E-File 101 | NT West Kelowna

$199.00 CAD

November 10th 2021
February 25 2022
June 9th 2022
Sept 9, 2022

E-File 101 

3 Hour Class, 9-12

Location: #108-2374 Bering Rd, Westbank, BC

This course is designed for the technician that is looking to gain confidence with the E-File! Whether you have only been taught with a hand file or you are looking to up your game and enhance your speed, accuracy and cuticle prep, this is the class for you!

Over the course of this 3-hour class you will learn about your machine and different types of bits, caring/maintenance of your machine, proper use, angles/pressures of your E-File, and cuticle prep/filing. By learning how to effectively use an E-file, you will speed up you service time which translates into faster appointments and more money in your pocket!

Nail Techniques will provide you with an emailed PDF certificate that you can print at home upon completion!

What will I learn during the class?

  • Benefits of using an Efile vs Hand File.
  • Types of Efile bits (burrs) and uses.
  • Maintenance of the Efile and Cleaning of the Bits
  • How to properly prepare the nails using an E-File (Angles & Pressures)
  • Shaping using an Efile (Angles & Pressures)
  • Rebalancing the Nail Using an Efile
  • Gel Removal Using an Efile


What do I need to bring?

  • E-File
  • 1 hand with no product on the nails
  • Mandrel
  • Medium arbor bands
  • Safety Bits
  • Cuticle prep bits
  • All working materials (Gels, brushes, lamp, overhead lights, files etc)

**We recommend the Fuzion Academy bit set as this set comes with everything needed for class.


      1 of the following:

      Level 1 Tips & Overlay OR
      Level 1 Sculpting OR
      Certification from an approved school/training facility (contact us)

      Questions? E-mail us at or call us at 250-860-0708

      Nail Techniques offers advanced modules that can be taken at additional costs: