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FDR Dust Extraction System | No Desk Included

$1,599.00 CAD

You love what Fuzion's FDR Dust Extraction desk can do, but you have plans for just the vent system.  

A few notes to consider before purchasing this ventilation system:

  • This system comes with the cabinet, so it works best as tabletop support. The dimensions are below.
  • The vent works best when it's as close as possible to the intake - meaning that the hose should be as short as possible from desktop to filter/motor. 
  • This system requires a tabletop that can have a hole cut into it to fit the intake.  This system will not work with glass tabletops!  REPEAT - will not work with glass tabletops! 

If this suits your needs - the FDR Dust Extraction system will be perfect for you!


 SPECIAL ORDER ONLY! Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery as these are made to order!  These systems are amazing, however, they are very large and can be subject to high shipping fees.  Our set pricing does not include any shipping or delivery costs and we cannot offer installation. (We can, however, offer support over the phone and be excited with you when you tell us how much you love the FDR system!)


The Facts! Based on the NT demo desk:

  • Cabinet Height - 27 1/4"
  • /front/ Cabinet Width - 14 1/4"
  • /sides/ Cabinet Depth - 22 13/15"
  • Remote Battery - 12v | A23G