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4D Sculpting Gel - White | FX by Fuzion

$16.95 CAD


Fuzion's FX 4D sculpting gel is perfect for sculpting gorgeous roses for any occasion, spooky Halloween skeletons, plump snowmen, or just about anything 4D/3D your heart desires!

FX 4D gel is easy to use. (Remember Playdoh? Yes, that easy!) It gives you the ability to sculpt anything you conjure up, and without odours, or the time limitations of acrylic.


  • Be sure to wear gloves. Remember, this is still a gel product.
  • With a small dotting tool, remove the amount of gel you need.
  • Dip you gloves and any working surface with a small amount of water to prevent the gel from becoming too sticky.
  • Using an acrylic brush that is only going to be used for your 4D gels, dip into the water and being to work the gel for your desired effect. If it starts to get too sticky to work with, just add a small amount of water.
  • If you're making flowers, you can cure in-between petals. If not, cure when you're finished sculpting.
  • If you are a making a thicker sculpture, be sure to cure for at least 2 minutes. For thin petals, one minute.
  • You can sculpt and apply directly to the nail if you please, or you can sculpt off of the nail. and apply your creation with Fuzion's FX Gem Gel.


Available in Black or White.