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JimmyGel Soak-off Building Base -Colours

Soft Pink
Ideal Pink
Boomer White

 JimmyGel Soak-off Building Base - Colours! *15ml

 Boomer White, a milky white perfect for baby boomer nails

 Ideal Pink, a beautiful semi-transparent cover pink shade

Soft Pink, a light, delicate semi-transparent pink

Natural, a natural buff shade.

*The volume of JimmyGel in these bottles is only 13.5 ml.  That reduction in volume of 10% is reflected in a reduction of 10% of the standard price and by making this purchase, you are accepting this reduction in volume.  The products affected are: Soft Pink JimmyGel, Ideal Pink JimmyGel, Boomer White JimmyGel and Natural JimmyGel