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NanoFlex Toenail Reconstruction Kit

 NanoFlex by Fuzion is a UV/LED Gel designed for Reconstructing damaged Toenails!

UV/LED Cures in 30s LED / 120s UV

Self leveling but not runny - very easy to use

Contains NanoSilver - a natural anti fungal and antibacterial

Formulated and Test in partnership with NASP - A leader in foot care training and products! 

The Full NanoFlex kit contains: 

  • 1 25g of NanoFlex Gel
  • 1 Fuzion Gripzion
  • 1 Fuzion Gel Brush
  • 1 UV/LED Toe Lamp
  • 1 Footlogix Tincture
  • 10 pack of Disposable Applicators
  • 1 NanoFlex by Fuzion Towel 
  • 1 250mL Unscented Fuzion Cleanzer

(Products are subject to change/replacement)

Nanoflex nail reconstruction step-by-step