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Reusable Antibacterial Cloth Masks 5PK | Ugly Duckling

$7.95 CAD

Mask 5pk
Filters 10pk

Black Antibacterial Cotton Cloth Face Masks. 5 per pack, and 1 PM2.5 filter each, so that you can do your *laundry at the end of the week ;-) 3 printed with "Keep Calm & Wear Ugly Duckling", and 2 are printed with our cute little duckie mascot. 

*Please hand wash and hang dry.

10 pack filters available.

Our PM2.5 filter is a 5-layer activated carbon filter that can be inserted in the side pocket to improve the filtering performance. 

PM25 refers to particles that have diameter less than 2.5 micrometres (more than 100 times thinner than a human hair) and remain suspended for longer. These particles are formed as a result of burning fuel and chemical reactions that take place in the atmosphere.

Filters can be effective for 1 to 3 days, which could amount to 1 to 2 weeks of occasional use. It is also stated that filters can be changed once every week, so a mask should be lasting you for a month or two, depending on the frequency of use.