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Schtik It | | Ugly Duckling

$18.95 CAD

Hold your embellishments in place with Ugly Duckling's Schtik It! Designed to keep rhinestones, and other 3D nail art securely attached until removed with clippers or soaking. 

We recommend applying Schtik It to the tacky layer of cured gel polish, or over a finish filed enhancement before the application of top coat.

Make application easy with Ugly Duckling's Blinger Tool

1. Pick up a pearl of Schtik It and apply to the nail. The amount you use will depend on the amount of embellishments being added to the nail. Do not cure.

2. Apply stones, beads, pearls, etc. to the Schtik It. Lightly press any embellishments into the Schtik It. 

3. Once embellishments are in place, cure for 45 seconds - 1 minute LED lamp (2 minutes in a UV lamp).

4. Using a Detailer brush, apply a tack free top coat to the exposed Schtik It (and over any pearls or beads you may have applied), then seal the rest of the nail with the Ugly Duckling gel top coat of your choice. Cure

*NOTE: If your Schtik It gets extremely cold - either in transit, or if you accidentally put it in the freezer - it will get very thick and crystallize. Don't worry.  Just place your pot in a shallow dish of very hot (boil the kettle) water, and it will return to normal. No bad side effects!