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Pretty Abstract by Mel Maurice @gelledbymel

We're loving this abstract milk-bath effect created by Mel Maurice. Easily create your own version following just a few simple steps.

Pretty Abstract by Mel Maurice

Pretty Abstract by Mel Maurice step-by-step

 1. On the back of a piece of form paper, place one stroke of various colors and glitters from The Artist collection and cure in the LEDdot for 60 seconds.

2. Remove the cured color gels from the form and cleanse both sides. Using your LEpro Straight Scissors, cut each swatch into tiny jagged pieces.

3. Next apply Boomer White JimmyGel and cure for 60 seconds.

4. Apply a second coat of Boomer White JimmyGel and place the pieces of the cured color and glitter gel into the uncured JimmyGel layer. Cure for 60 seconds.

5. Apply a thin layer of Boomer White JimmyGel over the entire nail to encapsulate and cure for 60 seconds.

6. Cleanse the nail with LEpro Cleanser and LEpro cleansing wipes. then finish file and buff until smooth. Finish with Super Shiny Top Coat and cure 60 seconds.